“As my Mother’s dementia progressed her needs were not being met in a regular assisted living or a nursing home.  Our family was discouraged because we felt that she was unhappy and needed more attention and activities.  Her physician suggested Provident as being the perfect place for her.  I visited Provident and my Mother was interviewed by the director who affirmed that she was a perfect candidate for their program.  Her move to Provident was extremely easy and she was happy from day one.  The staff and the programming is excellent for the population that Provident serves.  Each resident receives a lot of individual attention and they are very caring and patient.  My Mothers medical needs are being met with the nursing care and visiting physicians.  Recently they had mobile dentists who came on site to perform necessary dental care.  Provident serves a unique population and they understand their disease and strive to care for them in a professional manner.”

Judy Larsen, daughter of an Provident SW Austin resident